Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Something to Kneel On

A part of my Live Action Roleplay Hobby is that an individual may become a Knight for displaying excellence and dedication along one of four paths.  During the knighting ceremony, the knight-in-making is expected to kneel as he or she is dubbed as a knight with a sword.  Bad knees and a desire to preserve them has given rise to the tradition of a kneeling pillow, which I've been honored to make a few of.

Take a peek...

This was the kneeler for Sir Yoshi, Knight of the Flame.  His persona is Asian in basis, hence the good-fortune symbols in the corners of the pillow.  Those were cross stitched by my Mother.

A close up of Yoshi's personal heraldry.  The bear is embroidered with a brick-lain split-stitch, while the black and green are dyed.  The dying was a new technique for me, and I was pleased with the results.

This was the kneeler for Sir Bowen, Knight of the Crown.  Again, the corners (crowns in this case) were cross stitched by my Mother.

A close up Bowen's personal heraldry.  The lion and the crown are embroidered with a brick-lain split-stitch and again, the black and the blue are dyed.

The kneeler I made for Sir Fitz, Knight of the Sword.  This kneeler is unique in that the entire thing is appliqued, and in fact "reverse appliqued".  Along the bottom edge of the shield, I embroidered "Rise a Knight", which is a hallmark line from "Kingdom of Heaven".

Sir Fitz's kneeler in action.

The kneeler for Ser Diana Starfall, Knight of the Serpent.  Her kneeler has a saga of its own, but suffice to say for now that it is part quilted, part reverse applique, and part embroidery.

Ser Diana's kneeler in action.