Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not Dead Yet!

The comic book character requests haven't stopped rolling in!  I love it!  This was the most recently incarnation, a tunic inspired by Deadpool!

Front View
Please note the "horseman" style used again.
Dost I see a trend emerging?
When I was asking about features for the tunic, and a keyhole neckline came up, I felt like Deadpool would want some lacing.
Side View
Someday, my faithful dress dummy Genevieve will have a man-friend so these tunics don't look so fem.
Back View
Deadpool doesn't really have a classic emblem, so we decided to embellish the back with his katana instead.
I am really loving the "tear away" technique of applique I've been using, and I definitely used it here.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Flash as Blue Lantern

The Sinestro Corps Tunic of recent production has opened up a great-many doors for me in terms of styling medieval-esque tunics as comic book characters.  I have a ridiculous amount of fun putting them together.  Today's work was on a Blue Lantern Tunic, styled as when Flash becomes a Blue Lantern.

I started out with this as my reference point.

Front View

Side View

Back View

Detail View of the Emblem

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tunic Bonanza!

With the debut of the Sinestro Corps Tunic, I have gotten a rash of requests for tunics from folks within my LARP.  Anytime I sit down with a tunic, I feel like I'm getting back to my roots and I really enjoy being able to apply new tricks and techniques to my tried-and-true tunic pattern.  Here is the latest...

As you can see, I'm really dealing with a basic t-tunic style in a parti-color.
I *love* the placement of this applique.
Oftentimes, you can get stuck as to where to put an applique when you are dealing with parti-color, and this is a fantastic way around it.
A close-up on the applique.
Each piece is individual, which made for a nice challenge!
A close-up on the neckline.
A keyhole neckline was requested, and was happily installed!
This part, right here, is something I haven't been asked to do in *ages*.
The tunic has a split up the center front, and a split up the center back.
This styling is sometimes called a "horseman's tunic", and I don't think I've done one like it for about 10  years.
I go from this project right into another tunic, another comic character themed one actually, so stay tuned!