Monday, November 19, 2012

Nexus, Dahling!... Fin!

I powered through the last bit of the coat tonight!


The coat, just hanging on its own, a view from the front.

The coat, just hanging on its own, a view from the back.

A view of the inside.
I made all of the seams "french" and then felled down the seam to make it flush.

A view with the shirt.

A closer view with the shirt.

And we're finished!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nexus, Dahling!... Moar...

I *had* hoped to have a picture of the completed shirt and the completed coat tonight, but with a Saturday spent shopping and vegging instead of sewing and a Sunday morning spent teaching...  Well, I just ran out of steam.  Here were the fruits of my labor for today, though:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Nexus, Dahling... Part Duex!

Tonight was intended for the finishing of Nexus' shirt, but it became the "rough-work" of the shirt instead.  My eyes aren't keeping open (probably something to do with my 4:30AM wake up call this morning), so it will just have to wait until tomorrow.  Some "in progress" pictures for you, though...

As of this moment, I am lacking sleeves, a hem, and some lacing to make the keyhole neckline even more devilishly handsome.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nexus, Dahling!

I have very many crafty friends.  I don't meant crafty in terms of general deviousness (though that is true as well), but I do mean crafty in terms of the shared ability to sew and create something out of nothing.  One of these friends is Nexus, who is an amazing artisan.

Nexus was in the midst of creating this...
... when I pretty much begged him for it.

We happily worked out a barter, this wonderful chapeau for a fancy-court-garb ensemble for himself, and set our "due" date.  The date is rapidly upcoming, so I am very rapidly sewing.  Nexus has asked for me to take pictures as I go, so while these blog posts are for mostly for him, I didn't think the rest of you would mind following along.

My color palett:
I really need to learn to photograph things better.  These colors show up as dull when they are really quite rich.  The grey is a suedecloth, the navy blue is silkessence, and the silver/black is a sari brocade.

The overall goal is to make my dear Nexus look something along the lines of Jareth from "Labyrinth".

Tonight I whipped out the pants:
The pants are very basic, and are cut from what I lovingly refer to as the "Captain Tight-pants" pattern.  While most pants I make are unpatterned, this pattern never fails to make a pair of pants that hugs the butt just right.  Like magic.

Tomorrow night I'll start to tackle the shirt.  ^_^