Friday, May 18, 2012


I have a fair number of projects going on right now, and more that seem to be surfacing, but I've still managed to prepare myself for Steampunk Industrial Revolution.  I had a blast at this event last year, and plan to arrive swinging with style this time around.  Here is what I've prepared, with a promise of more pictures with me actually *in* the ensemble...

I tend to favor "Americana" Steampunk, and even then a "Wild West" lilt, so I based this concept loosely on a duster-wearing saloon hall girl.

It also occurs to me that I might want to find a better backdrop for future photos.  >_>

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Viking Maiden

A previously mentioned, I'm a LARPer.  One of the charming things that LARPers will do from time to time is to theme one of our weekend events in a different time period or another.  This year, an event that I am attending is themed as "The Vikings are Coming!".  I had not, initially, planned to make anything new for myself to wear to this event.  I have a closet full of costume garments that never see the light of day.  However, my friend (who is coincidentally running the aforementioned weekend event) kindly shamed me into doing otherwise.

Here is the result...

I took this project (which is primarily straight lines) to force myself into flat-felling seams.
I am now kind of a fan.

The end result.  The extra straps I have slung around the neck will likely be used in my hair.

I can never make a project "easy".  If it takes me less than a night, it is likely something I won't be wearing.  ((Oh, the troubles of being a "garb diva".))  So, of course, this needed applique.

A compass rose / sun

A Viking longship rooster-tailing, because obviously it is going *really* fast.

What the longship doesn't know is that it is going *really* fast towards its *certain doom*... in the form of a rather adorable octopus.

Professor Bear

A new passion of mine is making stuffed animals.  This started as a novelty around Christmas time, having made a number of stuffies for various babies that arrived over the course of the year, and it has developed into something that is, apparently, marketable.  Here is the latest of my creations...

Meet "Professor Bear", who will (hopefully) be going home with a new family at Steampunk Industrial Revolution in Nashua, NH.

A profile view of Professor Bear.  See that tail?  See that round belly?  Adorable.

A headshot of Professor Bear.  His eyes are brass buttons and his nose is a wooden button.  I added the spectacles on a whim and really like the result.