Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elfy Green Arrow

A LARPing friend of mine came to me and said, "I need garb!  Awesome garb!  Will you make it for me?"  Of course I said yes, and soon I was provided with this picture to work with:

Yes.  That is Green Arrow from "Smallville".  The request was to make it "elfy" and in "multi-cam" colors.

I started with a Simplicity pattern, but had to pattern out and attach a hood using my wits.  As I worked, I found myself inspired with a way to make the "leaf" detail on the front more leafy, and therefore more elfy.  This is what I ended up with:

An overall view with the hood up.  I knew my friend was fond of Ezio's (Assassin's Creed) hood, so I made it look something like that.  Being creative with the point of the hood in the front resulted in my sewing machine leaping out and biting me, though.  >.<

An overall view with the hood down.  The entire hood and body of the doublet is lined, and I did my best to make the attachment of body to hood like a Mandarin collar so as to keep the hood out of the way when it is down.

A detail view of the leafiness.  It is all machine stitched and something I think I'll be likely to do again.  Machine quilting has emboldened me.

And I know that there are those of you that like this kind of picture, so kindly drool over the insides of the piece, which are fully lined and all seams are bound.

My friend takes delivery of the piece on June 9th(ish), and I hope to have some pictures of him in it to post after that.

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