Thursday, June 7, 2012

Forest Nymph

I make stuffed animals and recently I've branched out to dolls.  They are a bit on the creepy side as I make them, but there is something vaguely surgeon-like as I stuff them and sew up their holes.  This particular doll was made as a competition piece, and will be going with me to Steampunk Industrial Revolution to see if she can find a new home.

She's pretty cute, though from this angle you can't see...

... her hair.  Her hair was sewn and knotted into the doll's head, piece by piece; a truly mind numbing experience.

I made her clothes with the same level of cleanliness that I try to use with my costuming.  Amusingly, one of the judges that scored the competition this doll was entered in told me that as soon as they saw the inside of the doll's clothes, they knew it was my entry.  Ha!

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