Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fancy Pants

A common problem in LARPing is that our pants (or skirts, for that matter) don't have pockets.  In an age of bulky cell phones that we simply *must* have on us at all times, this is a very serious problem.  While my current line of skirts don't have pockets built into them, it is a plan for the future, and in the meantime my good friend Sue (who sings with the group London Julie) wanted a pair of pants with pockets.  Specifically, she asked for two cargo-type pockets and one back-pocket on the right-hand-cheek.

This is what she's ending up with...

They don't look like much here, but I promise you these are formidable pants.  I made them from a bottom-weight fabric, the crotch seam is flat-felled, and the side-seams are "french".  Amusingly, when I folded the top of the pants over to create the waistline (as I usually do), each seam had become too bulky to machine-sew through.  So, I hand-stitched those sections shut, breaking a hand-needle in the process.

An example of one of the cargo pockets.  They have a drawstring at the top of them in order to keep any goodies inside safe, and each is large enough to hold two... er... adult beverages.

The back pocket is a single-welt pocket and is deep enough that she can fit one hand in her pocket.

A show of how the back-pocket opens.

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