Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dragon Myself Outside...

... my comfort zone.

While I can make many wonderful things out of fabric and thread, I am not overly talented in other crafting areas.  Most of this is on purpose, as a diet of creativity and the pocketbook (hobbies are expensive), but another part of is that I have many, many friends that do wonderful things in just about every other medium.

So, when I was approached about making a Harry Potter style wand for a gal that "looked like a water dragon" in red, I said, "Uh.  Sure," and immediately started a mini-panic about how in the hell I was going to do this.  Sculpture is not a strong-suit of mine, but I figured if I kept to mostly geometric shapes, I'd be ok.

After about 5 redesigns, this was the result...

... gawsh, I hope she likes it!  >.< 

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