Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sinestro Corps Tunic

I said it on my Facebook Page today, but I get the best project requests from the best people.  A fun facet of the very relaxed nature of my LARP group is that you can find a great many instances where pop culture bleeds into Renaissance-Medieval Land.  For example, a project of mine for myself from a few years ago:

Yes.  I totally made myself into Medieval Rogue.
I have bigger plans for a better Medieval Rogue in the future, FYI.
So it really came as no large surprise when someone came to me with a request for a "Sinestro Corps Tunic".  Something along these lines...

... in tunic form.

One of the challenges in taking any iconic character, especially comic book characters (where the fan base can be rabid), and making it into "historical" clothing is trying your best to keep both sides of the fence happy.  As a result, I had a fair amount of back and forth with the tunic's owner, which means that I have more "in progress" pictures than I usually do (which really isn't saying much).

This was where I was blocking out the applique bits, and making sure I had it right.

This was where I screamed and lamented that I hadn't bought more yellow thread.

Uh... yea.  That is what I've got for "in progress" pictures.

So feast your eyes upon the "Finished!" pictures!

Front View

Side View, with Sleeve Extended

Back View

Detail of the Emblem
The emblem was appliqued using a "tear away" applique technique and I was really pleased with how it worked out.

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  1. This is easily one of the best clothing purchases i have ever made, if you are reading this and haven't bought anything yet. I HIGHLY recommend this fine individual for any of your clothing needs.