Monday, July 2, 2012

Autumn Queen

I've mentioned about my friends and how I make costumes for them.  What I haven't mentioned is that many of my friends are men and can't sew.  Many of my friends that *are* women *can* sew, which generally leaves me making pretty dresses for myself.  Most of the time I'm pretty ok with this, but I simply *dive* at the chance to make pretty dresses for other girls.

So, when a Canadian friend of mine decided to host a masquerade and then commissioned me to create a costume for him *and* his lady, I was more than pleased.  The theme for the masquerade is "Summer King and Autumn Queen", and my plan was to turn the pair into exactly that.

Here is the "Autumn Queen"...

The under-skirt really needed its own picture, given the applique on it.  I used a bundle of fat quarter batik fabric and some leaf shapes that I found online.  I *love* the outcome, and I hope "Queen" does too!

This is the dress without the pick-ups pulled up in front.  I opted for outside channels as a way to add in some more color (which will be seen again in "King's" outfit).

Finally, the dress as it is intended to be worn.  I have never met "Queen", so I am very nervous that this dress should fit correctly and look as good as I hope it does on her, and that she loves it.

Now, on to her "King"!

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