Thursday, March 21, 2013

No Quarter!

While the LARP I participate in is technically a Medieval/Fantasy reenactment group, the organization has really developed a style all its own.  Brightly colors circle-cut tunics with fancy-dancey applique on them are generally the order of the day when it comes to garbing for my LARP.  I haven't had occasion to do many of these types of tunics in recent times, so it was nice to get back into some "meat and potatoes" for this project.

Above is the front-view of the tunic.  I am a large fan of parti-colored things, so swapping the sleeves' colors was fun for me.  Below is a picture of the neckline, though I finished the bottom hem in the same fashion.  Thread-swapping might be a pain in the rear, but it shows everyone looking at it that you have serious attention to detail.

Above is a side-view and below is a close up of the applique on one of the sleeves.  For the sleeves I employed a reverse applique technique, and paper-traced the design on.  I am really not sure if this method is *actually* faster than the good-old Heat'n'Bond way, but it feels faster.

Again, above is a side-view and below is a close up of one of the sleeves.  In the picture above, you can see the black fabric lining the sleeve, which is how the reverse applique technique works.

Finally, the back of the tunic.  The person I have made this for (thankfully) decided to but the main gear on the back of the tunic.  I always stress when someone asks for a device on the front of their tunic, because you run the risk of what I call the "Carebear" effect.

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