Thursday, March 28, 2013

Definitely More of a Doublet

So, in my "Adventures with Doublets: Day 2", I made a doublet with some peplums that looks decidedly more "Renn Faire" than "Steampunk".  However, I've always felt that Steampunk has a lot more to do with the accessories and the innovation of the costume's theme.  So, I still feel this is appropriate as an attempt to make something functional for both genres.

Like, I think pairing this with a telescope would be "tres Columbus"...

Front view; this one has peplums on the bottom that reach to about the knee, and laces just about all the way up.

A view from the side.

A view of the back.  The peplums overlap a smidgen at the back, which means once you put a body (and therefore a butt) into the garment, they will flare out a bit.

A peek of the inside!

Men's "with shirt" example.  Smexy, no?

Lady's "with shirt" example.  I think this is an example that needs a body in it to really get the effect.  Now, just to find a body...

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