Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunday Undies... Bloomin' Bloomers

I made these a few years ago, but as they were always meant to go with this set, I don't mind (officially) sharing them with you now.

Bloomers!  I love bloomers.  I wear bloomers with my "IRL" (in real life) skirts when I can.  My thighs are the kind of thighs that rub together (sadly) and having the ability to wear pants under a skirt is a boon.  Additionally, with how much I move around at events and the like, I sometimes have to hike-up my skirts.  Bloomers keep me from showing off too much leg.

Bloomers, hung inelegantly on a hanger.
Bloomers do not have to be a big deal.  I made these without a pattern, and in the same way that I make pants.  The big difference is that they are a touch shorter and then I ran a channel with some elastic below the knee to make the ruffle.

What is a pair of bloomers without some fluffy lace?
Oh, and I added some lace to the ruffle.  Because bloomers need lace.  I am sure it is a rule somewhere.

Underside of the lace-on-the-ruffle.

A tip on adding lace to a ruffle.  Don't put the edge of the lace on the outside of your ruffle-hem.  Put it on the inside, and try to keep your "stitching-on-the-lace" seam in line with your hem stitching.  It just makes it look cleaner.

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