Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunday Undies... Bummed Out

This is the last post in my "Sunday Undies" series!  I hope that you've enjoyed the posts so far, and that you'll be back to read my non-undies related posts.  Better yet, if you are an Amtgardian, I hope to see you at Great Eastern so we can talk about my undies in person.

But right now, I'm going to talk about bumrolls!

Bumrolls are a silly under garment.  Really, they aren't even a garment.  More of an accessory.  In any case, they were meant to give a woman rounder looking hips and a wider looking backside.  When bumrolls were in fashion, so was fertility and the ability to bear healthy, bouncing baby boys for your husband so his name and bloodline could be carried on.  It was assumed that a woman with wider hips and a bigger rear would be more fertile and therefore more likely to have healthy (read: surviving) babies.

I remain unashamed of my pattern usage, though a bumroll is really just a C-shaped pillow with ribbon-ties.

The lovely Genevieve pre-bumroll.
Disclaimer...  Yes, I knew approximately how hideous these undergarments would all look together.  I did that on purpose.  The point of undergarments is that they go *under* your pretty, color-coordinated outer-garments.  I feel as though this is a form of self-expression.

Bumroll tied in front.

Bumroll, Side View

Bumroll, Back View

Bumroll, Detail View
You should be able to see the detail a bit better if you enlarge the picture, but I've added some embroidery bits onto the bumroll.  The wealthy would embellish their undergarments nearly as much as their outer-garments, which is something I plan to do over time.  The bumroll is just the beginning of that.

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