Saturday, October 20, 2012

Faerie Wings; Fin(ish)!

With other projects that I am working on (and this crazy idea that I'm going to craft my way through Christmas presents) I needed to finish my wings tonight, but was a little stuck on how to harness them to my back.  Unfortunately, this wasn't something I could play with using my dress dummy, the faithful Genevieve, so I had to conscript my wonderful (and usually patient) sister, Rivi.  Ultimately, we found that a long (long, long) scarf wrapped and tied in crazy ways holds the wings securely, and masks the wooden block (that masks the joints of the wings).


Tomorrow I am doing trials of the dress, the wings, and the make up all together.  I will endeavor to have pictures taken in order to share with the rest of you.  :-D

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