Monday, October 1, 2012

Faerie Wings... wherein we try something new.

First and foremost, I am going to be trying something new here.  Thus far, you have all seen finished pieces of mine.  Some have detailed construction pictures, others not so much, but I haven't ever done a project "blogging all the way".  Usually I move to fast to stop and take pictures of my step-by-step progress.  Much of sewing is pretty routine for me.

So here is something that is *not* routine for me.  I'm constructing faerie wings.  My inspiration mainly comes from this wonderful site, which actually includes a tutorial on how to make different faerie wings for dolls.  I figure that if I just up-size the idea, I can have fairy wings too!

Tonight was night one... drafting night.

I started with a bit of tissue paper with which to make my pattern.  I also started with a marker, with which to draw on my bit of tissue paper.

I put the tissue paper up against my dress form to eye-ball out the amount of space between my shoulders and my bra line, then marked the high and low points.

Then, I put the tissue paper on my rotary cutting board.  My big design secret in life is that I can't draw.  Even stick-figures are somewhat questionable when drawn by my hands.  The grid helps me visualize and rough out proportion.

And, this is what I've ended up with.  The size of the design should come up to about my eye-line and then curve down to a bit below the small of my back.

Join me tomorrow for the next installment, cutting and sewing!

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