Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Faerie Wings; Night Two

And here we are at night two of our grand adventure!  Last night I had thought to be ambitious tonight and to both cut and sew my wings together, but my son (herein referred to as "Princeling") had other ideas that included watching YouTube videos such as this one.  So, I only got around to cutting my wings out.

Naturally, I had to cut my pattern out of the tissue paper that I drew all over last night.

This is my fabric for this project.  It is a sheer brown with glitter-bits dotted all through it, as I'm working towards something along the lines of an autumn faerie.  MG, my faithful cat, is shown helping me here as cats often do.

I cut four pieces of cloth into the shape of my pattern.  At this point, you are probably looking at the picture above this one and wondering what I plan to do with *the rest* of the fabric I bought.  I have no idea.  I *way* over-bought.  I'm sure I'll think of something fancy.

And here we are, all cut out.  In my infinite wisdom, I forgot to cut my pattern with seam allowances, so I had to eyeball the seam allowance as I cut.

Tomorrow night shall be the sewing!

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